Established in 1975, Warna Warni Advertising is an advertising company which not merely specializes on outdoor and indoor media advertisement, but also provides other services to meet the market demand. With our solid reputation, we aim to give our clients the best services in the field of advertising. Our services including constructions of outdoor and indoor media promotion, advertisement tax and licensing application arrangement, provision of strategic locations, and other various services.

Warna Warni Advertising, with its qualified and innovative products, has expanded its network operation to several big cities in Indonesia, especially in Java, Bali, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. The opening of our offices in Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung, Denpasar, Medan and Makassar has the purpose to provide the best services for our clients.

With our motto "Your Satisfaction is Our Commitment", we are committed as a reliable and trusted partner to embody the best services to our clients. Aesthetics is not the only important thing for us, but we also consider the value of efficiency, safety, and punctuality in our work, as well as the clarity of our message. Our specialty is in providing clients premium  places to display their advertisement with reasonable prices. The strategic places that we own are the results of our cooperation with local governments and communities which also aims to give positive contributions to local government and communities, for example the procurement of pedestrian bridges or Jembatan Penyeberangan Orang (JPO).

Since 2007, Warna Warni Advertising has been the pioneer of digital out-of-home advertising in Surabaya. Until today, we have developed to catch up with the latest technology in the delivery of our display compromising the concept of energy saving to maintain clean and green environment.

With over 38 years of experiences, we understand the importance of safety in the installation of our displays to provide safe and competitive products to our clients. We have been joining an association called Gabungan Pelaksana Konstruksi Nasional Indonesia (GAPENSI) and applying international standardization of construction with purpose to provide sturdy and safe advertisement constructions.

In order to ensure the risk-free product delivery to clients, we grant guarantee, covering affairs of civil, criminals, tax, or other matters related to the advertisings for which all affairs are under our responsibility.

This company profile is obtained to represent our potentials which can be useful for your marketing activities. We hope that we can be partner in providing assistance in promoting your company and build a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.


Warna Warni Advertising was established in 1975 when Soekotjo Gunawan started to set up a small advertising agency on Jl. Embong Malang, Surabaya. After the business had developed significantly in several years, he decided to set up a company with legal entity and expand its network to other cities.

PT. Multimitra Warnamedia was established on with the Deed of establishment No. 041 under notary of Wahyudi Suyanto, S.H on December 3, 1993 and legitimated by Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia under Decree No. C2-15.436.HT.01.01.Th.94 dated October 13, 1994. Since then, Warna Warni Advertising, under PT. Multimitra Warnamedia, has become a legally binding company in the form of Limited Liability Company.

Afterwards, several changes had been made in the company legality. In accordance with Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 170 under notary of Wahyudi Suyanto, S.H, dated July 31, 2001, as well as the approval of the of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia under Decree No. C - 11015HT.01.04.TH.2002 dated June 19, 2002, the company decided to change the board of directors and its name to PT. Warna Warni Media.

As the trust from clients to Warna Warni Media had been increasing significantly, Warna Warni Media had been demanded to provide services more professionally and expand its network to Jakarta in 1990. A decade later, other branches were opened in Bandung and Denpasar, followed by the opening of branches in Medan in 2008 and Makassar in 2009.

Vision & Mission


Striving to be the best and largest outdoor advertising company in Indonesia prioritizing /focusing on obtaining trust from its clients.


1. Enhancing company position to be an important player in advertising business in every branch by emphasizing on the achievement of highest satisfaction to aim the higher trust from our clients.

2. Focusing on core competencies to maintain our substansibility and equilibrium system with the goal to achieve the highest satisfaction of our clients.

3. Achieving our motto "Your Satisfaction is Our Commitment" by emphasizing 4 (four) important values in our services: the best concept, professional touch, identification of clients’ needs, and accomplishment of clients’ satisfaction.

4. Keeping up with the latest technology, innovation, and law development related to media advertisement profession in promoting products, services, or ideas of our clients.

5. Being aware on regulations related to the strategies and action on the procurement of outdoor media advertisement in the area of our coverage in accordance to ensure that our displays are risk-free for our clients.

Company's Commitment

Our Commitment

"Your Satisfaction is Our Commitment" is our motto driving us to provide the best services and quality to our clients. We are striving to provide services and products which emphasize on efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery message to public.

The realization of our commitment is reflected in the values that we hold, which are:

Client satisfaction is the reflection of our services, products, and relationships with clients in which we always keep these 3 values optimal and balanced with the intention of achieving  client’s highest satisfaction.

Good service is originated from our services that recognize the needs of clients, are able to help the optimization of existing promotional resources, and manage the risks related to our products.

Great product comes from a qualified product emphasizing on the values of efficiency, effectiveness, safety, aesthetics, and punctuality.

Good relationship is accentuated to the long-term and mutually benefits relationship between our company and clients.

As our commitment in managing the risks of advertisement installation, we assure to manage all risks associated with our advertisements, including liability for losses and claims from third parties, maintenance, supervision, and re-installation of our products due to any damage that are not caused by force major.

Network Map

Network Map